Geting Natural/Adabas

I use VB/Access/SQL and would like to try developing in Natural/adabas in windows xp & server2003 enviorment. After viewing your web site I have a few ?

  1. Is there a free trial/developer version
    if not what does it cost?
    Where is it available? (Download site)

  2. Is there a free runtime distribution version for an application developed in natrural/adabas?
    if not what does it cost?


We have a free “Natural Productivity Package Personal Edition” available. Please use the link:

The package includes Natural, Adabas and Natural Engineer. Please refer to the license agrrement for details on the usage.

There is a Natural Runtime available. For prices please get in touch with the local office.

Is the package easy to install? What types of problems have been encountered? Does anyone know?

The installations are straightforward, but nothing is bullet-proof. The closer your system is to a standard Windows configuration, the fewer problems you’ll have. I’ve had many successful installations, but a few users have posted installation problems on this forum. Use the “search” feature to find them.

One tip comes to mind. On one release of NPP, the demonstration database was not loaded by default during the Adabas installation. Be sure to select this feature if it is optional. Natural is so much more fun when an Adabas database is available. :smiley:

The Link for the Productivity Pack Personal Edition changed: