Cannot run Natural application from localhost using local runtime

I am using a full version of ONE 8.2.6 on a Windows 7 PC with the built-in Eclipse and the integrated NaturalONE runtime (=local Natural runtime).

I have a very simple Natural “application” which just prints “Hello, world!”.

I have a Natural Project P1-NAT with a single Natural-Library P1-LIB and a single program HELLO-P.NSP .
The project properties specify the local Natural runtime and the private development mode.
See attachment.

The program contains the single statement PRINT ‘Hello, world!’, as I said.
The application runs well, when ContextMenu/NaturalONE/Execute is used.
See attachment.

I want to run it from the web browser using [b]http://localhost:8080/cisnatural[/b] :idea:

I create a new Deploy Natural Ant build file.
I run it as an Ant Build. No errors or problems are reported.
See attachment.

Now I open a browser window (Firefox) and load [b]http://localhost:8080/cisnatural[/b].
I select the Logon Page link.
I am using the Session Id Connect to Natural and type in the following parameters:
Host name: localhost
Port number: 2800
User name: KAUKER
Password: ****
Natural parameters:

And the response is:

See attachment.

What was done wrong?
I am sure, I did everything I could, as the NaturalONE Help documentation says.
Can it be a wrong password?
Can it be the Application and Natural parameters?
I tried a large number of different variations, all in vain, all with the same error message.


PS: I already reported the same issue in this forum using the Sample HelloWorld application.
But the sample has an Ajax UI, so I thought I should simplify it and just PRINT something.
Same behavior.

P1-NAT.pdf (231 KB)

Point is that on port 2800 an NDV server (Natural Development Server) is listening. To run a program outside Natural ONE you need an NWO server (Natural Web I/O server). Why this distinction? Well, NaturalONE is for development only, not for production.
What you should do:

  • Install Natural for Windows in parallel, including the NDV server and NWO server.
  • This will be your “production environment”.
  • The NDV server of that environment will typically run under 2700, the NWO server under 2900.
  • In NaturalONE, configure your project so that it builds against that environment rather than the local environment. Do this by right-clicking the project, selecting ‘Properties / Natural / Runtime’ and choosing port 2700.
  • Build the project.
  • Now you can run the project in the browser as you tried using http://localhost:8080/cisnatural, but in the Session ID ‘Connect to Natural’ choose port 2900 (the NWO server).