Natural Web Interface - Natural library logon denied

I’m getting an error when attempting to access my URL’s with nwwcgi.exe.

We have APACHE2 running on a WIN2K machine and nwwcgi.exe is located inside the cgi-bin. My broker, RPC server, and Natural sub programs are on the mainframe.

Our DBA’s setup the proper steplibs according to the readme documentation found in SYSWEB. I confirmed that nwwcgi.exe is reading the ini file and experimented with settings to throw different errors. I checked the output of my RPC server running in BATCH and I still can’t resolve why a NAT1696 error is generated regardless of the URL.

Example URL’s tested:

Sample Error:
The following error has been logged in the error log file:
/cgi-bin/nwwcgi.exe: processing of subprogram NAT-DOCU
at library SYSWEB failed.
reason: NWW0011 ERX error 10141696 occurred.

Severity = Error
NATURAL RPC Server Error 1696 occurred. Lib=SYSWEB
(NATURAL Error Info: Program=NATSRVDX

Any thoughts on what I might have overlooked?

First of all I’d turn on a RPC Server Trace (Trace-level=3) to see what’s really going on on the server side, this will also show the subcode to NAT1696.

Thank you. I traced the problem back to the configuration ini file on the web server. Our shop uses EntireX Security and it appears that I just needed to add the second user id and password to the config ini.