NWWCGI Config ini file

Where can I find the documentation on how to properly setup my NWWCGI.ini file?

I’m using nwwcgi.exe on Windows 2000 with APACHE web server. My broker, RPC server, and Natural programs all reside on the Mainframe.

My RPC values, user id, password, and log file parameters are set and working, but there are a fuzzy areas.

I understand use of environmental variables from when programming for the web; however, I haven’t found anything that decribes how the Natural Web Interface uses each environmental variable from the ini file.

Thanks in advance.

The documentation at [url]http://developer.softwareag.com/ets/docu/natural/Nat611win/print/webtech.pdf[/url]

describes them in “Natural Web Server Extensions - Initialization File” (p 171ff)

Perfect! Thank you.