Natural Web Interface

Hi all,

Scenario: VSE shop running on CICS. Need to develop a “no cost” POC for web enablement of Natural/Adabas MF application. No option to explore SQL/SOA gateways due to cost restriction thus enter NWI.

I think we understand the architecture to support NWI but are struggling to find Natural Web extension files that should be installed on the webserver side and are supposedly SAG supplied. (Cannot go SMARTS server route since we do not have Complete).

Are we being daft or are we just looking in the wrong place for these files:

Thanks in advance for any info

These modules are available as part of the Natural for Windows install.

If you have Natural for Windows already installed, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Software AG Natural and click on Change/Remove. Select “Modify” and in the list of features, look for “Web Interface (SYSWEB3)”. Select from the list of "HTTP extension"s there.

Hi Douglas,

Thank you very much for the quick reply. We don’t have Natural for Windows installed but this is very useful information none the less.