Building a Natural Web interface issues

I am trying to build a Natural Web interface with version Nat using DCOM on a W2003 EE server.
I copied the nwwdisapi.dll and ini files to IIS scripts directory and made a virtual directory in the website.
When I execute the dll I get the message that the INI file can not be found?

This is what I execute, webtest is the library and sigon is the subprogram

Reason: NWW0003 File ./nwwdisapi.ini not found.

:cry:According Documentation for the Natural Web Interface IIS6 is a not (jet) supported http server.

8)Why do not use nwwdcgi.exe instead?

When I tried nwwdcgi.exe/libraryname/programname I get page not found. Someone told me the IIS 6 was not supported?

cgi is a standard interface - normally works with every kind and version of http server…
Did you try just with http://yourserver/scripts/nwwdcgi.exe - just to see that the interface and IIS is installed and configured in a consistent way?
If you get a stabdard error message with forbidden, or not found - have a look at the IIS6 documentation, what you have do, to enable cgi. The default settings of IIS6 have been changed and you have to change more then one default setting to enable cgi (would be to too long to discuss here)…
If you get a: NWW1001 No class and method specified.
then the interface in general is running.
Try now your url with class and method.

The Web Interface is not released for IIS5/IIS6.
-> see the section of the documentation about supported Servers!

For the own risk of the customer, IIS5 can be used without known problems.

For the own risk of the customer, IIS6 can be used but with the described installation always the error:
NWW0003 File ./nwwisapi.ini not found.

This is because of several changes at IIS6 that changes e.g. the behaviour and default settings of this server in several areas.

To avoid the NWW0003 error, copy the not found .ini file to

The problem will be solved with NAT62.