CGI application misbehaved

I am deploying the Natural Web Extension on another development IIS server and I get the following message when attempting to perform a form POST: CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers.

Please note that I have tested the process successfully using both Apache and IIS for Windows in another shop.

Can anyone offer a resolution? I’ve checked several forums with no luck.

Thanks in advance.



More information needed…

  • do normal get examples work?

Can you give more hints about your configuration

  • rpc / dcom?
  • Natural version?
  • do you use a local rpc/dcom server?
  • if remote what kind is the remote server?

The Natural Web Extension is deployed on Windows 2000 with IIS 5.0. We are using a batch RPC server, Natural 4, ADABAS, Natural Security, and EntireX Security running on the Z/OS mainframe.

Yes, the prototype application works in our shop using either the APACHE or IIS Server.

We only encountered the CGI problem when attempting to deploy the html, asp, and JavaScript files on another web server.

I think I might have found the problem… I tried executing the nwwcgi.exe from the Windows command line and I got an error message that the ERX.dll could not be found.

Will my problem be solved installing the EntireX miniruntime on the server?

Thanks again,


If you use RPC the communication you will need the EXX stubs.
Yes - the EXX miniruntime installs this stubs and as far as I know it will solve your Problem.

Yes, that solved our problem.

Thanks again!