Problem with Natural Web Interface

After successfully configuring the cgi-bin files in the web server, initially i have problems running my SYSWEB subprogram giving me error: NWW1008 Class SYSWEB not found.

So after doing some research, i realised that i need to register the SYSWEB class into the registry before running the subprogram. So, i catalog the whole SYSWEB library and right-click on SYSWEB class so that i can register it. Then in order to confirm that i have registered correctly, i used the Windows utility DCOMCNFG to check the entry. After checking, it’s confirmed that the registration is succesful.

However, when i try running
http://localhost/cgi-bin/nwwdcgi.exe/SYSWEB/test1 again, it gives me another error:

NWW1009 Initialisation of Class SYSWEB failed (Error: 0x80070005)

So my question is how do i ensure that my subprogram will run correctly without errors? BTW, i’m using nwwcdgi cause i do not have a RPC broker server installed.

Please help.

Do you have any events in the Windows Event Viewer, probably under “System”, that indicate a DCOM security error?

Hi Bill, thanks for the info. Yeah the event u mentioned happenned. So after I have changed the user security permission, it solved the problem.

Thanks once again.