How to set up web environment in natural runtime?

Ok. Now i have finished developing web application using Natural 622. i can create and register class easily from natural.

but the question is how do i register a natural class if i’m using Natural Runtime version at another machine? or in other words, how do u set up a web application on a run-time machine?

i can’t find it anywhere in the documentation provided by SAG. can anyone help? eric?


Write a Program and call the register command from the stack. Deliver a register and and unregister program. Start the program from your runtime environment.

Natural library SYSWEB/SYSWEB3, programs A-REG and A-UNREG, copy to your library and adapt coding.

thanks! i tried but it seems not working.

wait let me get the procedure right.

currently, i copy all the files in the …\FUSER\GP folder of Natural 622 in development machine into the corresponding runtime folder. i also copied the “FILEDIR.SAG” file as well.

of course, i have created the necessary virtual directories such as “cgi-bin” etc.
am i doing the right thing?

please advice. thanks!


You generated a Dcom Class for your user library with the web plugin.
You copies a-reg a-unreg from sysweb(3) to your library.
You changed the coding of a-reg a-unreg - especially the name of the library for the register command.
You stowed the program at your library and then copied the complete library to your runtime environment.
Your run once a-reg at your runtime environment.
Your my verified the windows registry (regedit) for your class (search with the classID with your library name), especially the localserver32 entry that natural runtime is called.

You made all this steps and it doesn’t work…