Natural Web - without - Broker - DCOM


Does anyone know if there is the possible to use Natural Web without Broker, and DCOM? I am also not mentioning Smarts (Com-plete).

If there is possible, please, let me know how I can do it?


What platform should be used for Natural and where is the http server placed?

I suppose SPoD is out of discussion, too?

How do you suggest to invoke the Natural session?

Hi Eric,

As you mentioned SPoD, it seems Apache and SPoD supports NWW using PAL Techniques. So, in this case. neither broker nor dcom is necessary, but it doesn’t solve my case.

My company doesn’t have SPoD and Broker, but the developers want to use NWW. If there is no option to use it, I think they will choose Java, because it is not necessary to buy any software.

If you have any idea how to solve it, please, let me know.

We have both, apache and IIS web servers. it doesn’t matter which web server I can use it.


You didn’t answer two of the three questions. Again more precisely:

What platform/operating system should be used for Natural and where (operating system) is the http server placed?

And most important:
How do you suggest to invoke the Natural session and/or communicate with Natural?

Hi Eric,

OK, let me answer your questions.

Linux for both software, Natural and Apache

I thought in Natural Web I/O, since this interface is included on Natural.


But Web I/O is in general a pure client technique, and what you want is a server implementation.

This server implementation bases on Web I/O is available and called:

Natural for AJAX

and needs a SPoD server and a J2EE server running the server specific tasks.

Any other suggestion calling/running/starting Natural programs?

One cheep solution I can suggest is to write a cgi based shell script, saving all stdin data within a work file. If you only use GET requests, you can save this part. Now you startup Natural with stack=(…) and directly run your program. Within Natural you can use USR1053N to read the environment variables given from the http server. After your Natural program has finished, the shell scripts takes the data out of another work file and write this data to stdout…