Com-plete and Natural Web

Hello, folks!!!

I need to develop a new application using Natural Web on Com-plete. This application needs to read a workfile and store the data in Adabas file. The problem is that the workfile is not under Com-plete, this workfile is on Windows system file. The user wants to choose and open this workfile from the Natural Web application.
I don’t know if javascript or applet could solve it or Entire Connection and Natural Connect as well.
Does anyone know how I can do it?

Remember, I need to open the standard popup where the user wants to choose the file in the computer.


You “drive” the web application from the client machine, this is where the (local) workfile should be read (via JavaScript or similar), then passed on to the server which stores the data on an ADABAS file.

Hi Wolfgang,

Let me see if I understood.

You are saying JavaScript should be used. This JavaScript will run on client machine where the workfile file is. This same JavaScript reads the workfile and PUT the context (variables) into the Web Server, and then Natural Web will recover all contexts from the Web Server. Is it your solution?


More or less, probably hidden fields for the actual transfer data.

But if this approach is feasible, or if a different one (like EntireX and RPC) would be more suitable, mainly depends on the amount of data to be sent across, I’d say.

I wouldn’t send Gigabytes that way :wink:

Haven’t been here for a while, found this only now.

If I understand the problem correctly, this can be done in plain HTML with a

The Natural program GETFILE can read the contents of the file as value of the page variable FILEDATA, just as if it was a textbox.
If you have the Com-plete HTTP server installed, check out the “upload” link from the index page to get an idea what it looks like.