Upload PDF with Natural File Transfer

Good Day

Had anyone ever uploaded a PDF using Natural File transfer with entire Connection and storing it in a binary field on Adabas?

I have uploaded a .JPG image through a EntireX DLL, but I am struggling to upload a PDF file using Natural File transfer on Entire Connection.

Is this possible? If it is please share some code samples.


It should be possible. I used Natural Connection back around 1990 that uploaded spreadsheet binaries to store into ADABAS. The Natural code just did something like READ PC FILE 5 #variable, where that variable was a Natural 1.2 array that was easy to apply to really long strings I haven’t had the opportunity to use Natural Connection / Entire Connection since the early 90s though and don’t have it now to play with it. Now that you have LOB files and long alphas available I would think it would be easier to manage than what we had to do.