Download an Adabas table to TXT or PS


Please, I would like to know the command or utility (insert to a program) to download or copy an ADABAS Table in a TXT or PS format

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When you have ENTIRE Connection you can download data in various formats directly, otherwise you’d have to write a workfile from a NATURAL program, then use your preferred transfer method (FTP, …) to download.

When SPoD is installed in your environment you may use the data browser to unload data from the server to the PC. However the data browser may not be the best choice to unload big amount of data.

Excuse me, I explane to bad, I need a command or sentence that allow take an ADABAS Table to export Work file via NRJE, without read the ADABAS table

Using a Natural program

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Thanks a lot

Someone must “read” the file, this can be a NATURAL program writing a workfile, or an ADABAS utility such as:

ADACMP DECOMPRESS INFILE=nn will unload the file and bring it into a format suiable for downloading, it allows you to specify the fields to be unloaded, so you can transfer just those parts of a record / file you are interested in.

If you only want a subset of the file, you’ll have to unload it first using ADAULD with a SELCRIT to unload just the records you are interested in.

If you want to pay for it, Adabas SQL Gateway makes it possible to import Adabas data directly to MS Word or Excel, or any PC product, with a few mouse clicks.

I have to make the program with READ and Write Work File, I thought it was easier.

Thank you, :cry:

You want to transfer data from an Adabas file to a work file, without making a Natural program, right?