The best method of making Natural(M/F) the Web

Now I am examining making the NATURAL online system of existing M/F the Web.
I would like to know how to making the NATURAL online system of existing M/F the Web.
so,Please teach the simplest and the best achievement method of making it Web(excluding Applinx).

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there are basically two choices: the Natural Web I/O Interface and Natural for Ajax.

The Natural Web I/O Interface is used to execute Natural applications in a web browser. Using Natural for Ajax, you can create rich internet applications which use the Ajax technology, so your Natural application can have a browser-based user interface, similar to GUI desktop applications.
While the Natural Web I/O Interface requires no application change, the resulting look-and-feel is not so nice as if you adopt your application to Natural for Ajax and make use of Ajax features.

For more information, please see the current NAT426 documentation: and .

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Com-plete also provides an easy way to make Natural available (requires no application change) on the Web.

Hi Rainer

Thanks for the info and links.

Does anyone know if the Web I/O emulation mode is used for a production system with thousands of users? If so, do you know how much CPU the Web I/O server consumes compared to say CICS?

Another question: is it a viable option to deploy your mainframe Natural system from a CICS mode to the Web I/O mode for approximately 5000 daily users?

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Hi Demos,

I asked around, but I’m sorry to tell that we do not know about any customer having Web I/O in production with thousands of users.
I think what matters is not the daily number of users, but the number of concurrent users.

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