HTML2NAT - Mainframe


I would like to use Natural Web in my application, but I am mainframe user, and it seems that there is no utility like HTML2NAT on mainframe, this utility is supplied only on Open Systems.

Does anyone know how to solve it (with no open systems products)?

Will there be a version on mainframe with this utility?


A porting of this utility to native MF is not planed at the moment, and as long as resources are not available on the MF (used for html data input), it would be hard to use.

A SPOD/Plugin version is available (NAT62), but only for UNIX SPOD server at the moment.

Hi Eric,

I see.

Natural (mainframe) developers don’t feel comfortable to use NWW on MF, because there are no tools to help them; I assume that the companies need to buy Natural Windows. I don’t know how much it cost, but I think that this solution is not completed as the other solutions. Software AG should be available a way easier to the solution on MF.

SPOD, even if it is possible, I assume that customers need to buy not only the NDV, but Natural Windows for each user as well. I can tell for my company, they don’t want to spend money on MF, but they want to take their applications to the web, using xml, and other tendencies. Software AG is providing us it, but it seems, sometimes, is not enough to one programming language, the solution.


Hello John,

Software AG’s strategy is to provide new development functionality on Windows and make it usable via SPoD on the Natural server.



Hi Michael,

That’s tko bad. As my company doesn’t wajt to spend money on MF, SPoD anD NAT Windows, I think it will bd difficult to keep developing Netural Web on MF. With the tool, the development would be easy f*r everyone.