CAF and Natural

What is the product strategy for positioning Natural versus CAF. I find web application modernization with Ajax and web 2.0 technologies possible with both tools. From literature it looks to suit more for mainframe, unix and other open system. Can anyone throw some light on when to position Natural as the web development tool. Also I would like to know how Natural can invoke webMethods flow services or web services.

Anand G

  1. With Natural for AJAX you can build RIAs with Natural technology only and without any Java know how required.
  2. With CAF, you can compose services to a web application. If the services are Natural services , they can created by 2 ways:
    a) With Natural Business Services
    b) With EntireX tools

So it is dependent on what the client might want to do, we would recommend either 1 or 2 or even a combination of 1 and 2

best regards karlheinz