Setting up New RPC server from Windows


We are running WebMethods EntireX for Windows, connected to an HP-UX server (Itanium). On the Unix end, we have Natural Security installed and running. I am attempting to create an RPC environment through the Windows side. In the RPC User ID, I have entered my own id.

I have verified, by logging into our Natural environment in Unix, that I am allowed to log into SYSIDL. SYSSEC tells me I am linked to it through my group, and LOGON SYSIDL is successful.

When I try to set up a new RPC environment in Eclipse, I have entered the correct Broker ID (:port. The service is correct. I then enter my userid and Natural password in the appropriate boxes. This is accested.

I then attempt to create a new IDL extractor for Natural. I am promted to enter the RPC environment I want, and I choose the one just set up. I get the following error:

“RPC Environment returns error: Broker error 1014 1696: Natural RPC Server returns: NIDVER-N 9999 NAT1696 Logon to library SYSIDL for user … denied, reason 8, NAT0807.,NE=01,NIDVER-N999901U”

I have already confirmed my user name and password in SYSSEC, and from Unix I can log into the library without incident.

Obviously, something is either set up incorrectly, or I’m not looking in the right spot.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where I should be looking?

Best Regards,
Dean Powell

Hi Dean,

please check which describes the necessary setup of the Natural RPC Server (this is for Windows but applies also to Unix).