Trouble Defining A RPC Environment

I’m trying to define a RPC Environment. I have entered the Broker ID and Server Address in the Broker Parameters.

When I click Next, the following error is displayed at the top:

Deployment Error: 1001 0031: ND=2306Server020309,10010031, NE=01,NATSRVD 549501O Details: Broker Error 1001 0031: ND=2306Server020309,10010031, NE=01,NATSRVD 549501O

Does anyone know what is causing this?



Installed on Virtual XP running on Win7 machine:

  • NaturalONE 8.1.5.v00018658
  • Natural for Eclipse 8.1.5.v00018658
  • Service Development 8.1.5.v00006907
  • EntireX Workbench
  • Natural Engineer 8.1.2.v20100602_0001
  • Web Services Stack
  • Java 6 Update 30

Installed on HP-UX B.11.31

  • Tomcat 8.0
  • System Management Hub
  • Natural Development Server
  • Natural WEB I/O
  • Entire Screen Builder
  • EntireX 8.1 SP1
  • Natural v 6.3.8 PL 0
  • Entire Access for TCP/IP

Installed on LINUX

  • Oracle 11G

I was able to define the RPC environment after changing the RPC Type from XML/SOAP RPC Server to Natural RPC Server.

When I generate the web service from the IDL file and try deploying it, I get the following error:

Here’s the information from NaturalOne’s Error Log view:

Any ideas?