Natural StartUp Error Bug during Installation

Good afternoon everyone,

Can anyone tell me how to resolve the following error? (A screenshot is attached below.)
Any help will be much appreciated.
Natural Installation Bug.jpg

Can you start the Natural bufferpool service manually ?
If not, what does the Windows event log show ?

Did you reconfigure the Natural Buffer Pool? (then I suggest you re-boot)
Windows version?
And it hasn’t worked at all? Did error occur immediately when you start Natural after install or during install?
Do you have administrator rights?
Check if the Buffer Pool Windows service is running (as Wolfgang suggested).


How do I start the Natural bufferpool service manually?
I’m not familiar with the Windows event log? What do you mean by this?


How do you reconfigure the Natural Buffer Pool?
Yes, I am using Windows.

The error occurred during installation - I believe. (The installation and tutorial link that came with downloading Natural no longer loads up; therefore, I can’t redo the procedure).

Yes, I have administrative rights.


It occurred when attempting to load the Natural program after installation.

You’ll find the Software AG Natural Bufferpool service where you’ll find all services,
just use the windows services manager :wink:

You’ll find the Windows Event Viewer via the Administrative tools in Windows as well.

Ok, I’ve found the Event Viewer. Now what?
Below is what showed after trying to open Natural’s Buffer Pool Monitor alone.

You can reconfigure the Natural Buffer Pool by the Configuration Utility. I suppose you haven’t. :slight_smile:

First at all I suggest you check the state of Natural’s Buffer Pool in Windows Services. And if not active, see if you can start it from here.

Second, look into Event Viewer of Windows (described by Wolfgang) and look into Application Events. Usually you should be able to find entries related to buffer pool start and result of it.

What do you mean by “here” in the phrase: “see if you can start it from here.”
Can someone just post a fresh link on how to use Natural and Adabas (the free version that expires around 6/30/15)?

I’m not familiar with the environments.

“here” as in “from the Windows services manager”.

Use the Windows services manager to check if the Software AG Natural Bufferpool service is active, and if it is not -> right click and try to start it.

Is it suppose to appear after having Natural loaded up? I’ve looked in the ‘N’ and the ‘B’ section of the Services program. How does it appear in your Services program? I can’t find it.

Navigation will depend on your version of Windows. It may help to start in Control Panel. In 8.1N I found it under System --> Administrative Tools --> View local services. I’ve attached an image.

Ok, that helps. Here’s what mine look like: (attached below).
How do I get that Buffer Pool one to appear? What other programs from Natural do you think should appearing on mine to get started with Natural?

There is an entry labeled

Software AG Natu…

expand the Name column (drag the delimited between the header columns for “Name” and “Description” to the right) and I’m sure you’ll see this is the Natural Bufferpool Service.

Thank you!!! So what is the next step? Here’s the error message associated with it. (Attached below) What do you suggest to have it progress all the way to 100% as opposed to crashing at 33%?

The service isn’t running, so right-click it and start it.

If that doesn’t work you will need to consult the Windows event log to to see why it doesn’t start.

You have not fully expanded the columns of the service window but it can look at the buffer pool is not started.

I a cmd.exe prompt (from Natural’s bin directory) you can try to perform:

  • natbpsvc status
  • natbpsvc show
  • natbpsvc start

The first two will show the status of the buffer pool (service) and the last will try to start it.

Goodjobs. thank for report bug.