Operating System Error 2 - No such file or directory

After the restoration of our Solaris Unix I have got:

$ natural

   NATURAL V 6.1.1 Pl 14   Software AG 2005

    NATURAL Startup Error:  16

    Unable to open buffer pool.
    Buffer pool error: "Unexpected system call error occurred"(20).
    Global shared memory could not be attached.:  shmkey =  13111111

    Operating System Error 2 - No such file or directory

Any idea to manage these problems? Thankx in advance!

This usually indicates a security issue, the user trying to attach to the bufferpool may not have the required authorization level to do that.

Check the BP authorization with IPCS -s

Thanks to quick reply!
It was SAG unix user which is the system admin of Natural as I know. I assume that it has all required rights but I’m not so experianced in Natural / Adabas system admin.
Actually what can I check exactly in IPCS -s list?

In ipcs -s (semaphores) or ipcs -m (shared memory) you’ll see an entry for the Natural Bufferpool,
in this case they key is 0x61111111, you would look for what the messages says - shmkey = 13111111

------ Shared Memory Segments --------
key        shmid      owner      perms      bytes      nattch     status
0x61111111 262151     sag       660        3145728    0

You see the owner (here: sag) and the permission (here: perms = 660) for the shared memory segment.
What you should check now is if the user receiving the message has sufficient rights to access the bufferpool.

Now, if you are sure this user should be able to access the bufferpool, check if this user tries to start Natural pointing to a bufferpool different to what’s active.

natparm -> Configuration -> Local Configuration File -> Buffer Pool Assignments
will show you the defined ones, ipcs will show what’s active.

Hth, Wolfgang

Thank You very mutch!

It helps me to start dig on the right way.

The same problem with Installation Natural 6.3.14 on Windows8 Workstation.
Is there any solution accessible since all these years have passed??

Basically the same applies on Windows

  • bufferpool is defined via Natparm
  • bufferpool is started with a service

Is your Software AG Natural Bufferpool Service started ?