" Natural startup error 16" in startup of natural for windows

hello everybody, I come here because I didn’t find a forum that talk about natural for windows . This following error happening during startup of natural : " Natural startup error 16" ( unable to open bufferpool) . It’s important say that I am using natural by two weeks without problems, just today when i was to start up the natural to happened this.

thanks for that.

Make sure the Natural Buffer Pool Service is running (Services tab in Windows Task Manager).

Dear Ralph ,

I made this and I try startup the process that start the natural buffer pool from (Services tab in Windows Task Manager) and the following error ocorrer : 1001 recursion with many levels. Stack Overflow. I used the windows 7.

Are You have idea of that is happening ?

thanks for that

Since you have been running Natural for two weeks, with no problems, the immediate thought is that something other than Natural may be the problem.

Have you installed any new software/hardware? Have you changed any options/parameters for existing software? During the two weeks Natural was working did you change any options/parms?

Have you run a virus checker recently. Unexplainable PC problems can often be traced to some form of malware on the PC.

If you try all of the above, without success, it may come down to the approach no one likes to consider, uninstalling Natural and re-installing it.

good luck.


thanks by write for me.

All options that you think that can be causing the problems I checked, including reinstall the natural but the error persisted in continue. The problem ocorrer when the process that startup the buffer pool of the natural failure . I tryed start the process into the manager of tasks of windows and yet the error was returned.

Sorry, Andre, I was answering from memory. I tested the procedure by stopping the Buffer Pool service - I received startup error 16. Then I started the service and Natural came up fine.

Here’s the corrected procedure:

. Start → Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services

. scroll to Software AG Natural x.x Buffer Pool Service

. startup type should be “automatic” (can be changed via right-click → Properties)

. right-click → Start

. status should be “Started”

. start Natural

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What is really strange is:

Why was automatic not established when Natural was installed?

Why (how) did Natural work for two weeks if automatic was not established?


while I try startup the natural, I give a right click and execute the startup with option the administrator . This action I don’t made since the installation three weeks ago. The natural startup very well. The stranger in this case is the fact that I made login in Windows as administrator and during two weeks this didn´t went necessary

Really, thanks very much the all .