Natural control variables and ApplinX

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ApplinX 10.11 on RedHat 8 and Natural 841 on RedHat 7

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Customer licensed components

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Modernize Natural application with the web interface via ApplinX

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No errors received

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Use fairly recent fixes

Natural control variables are used in the Natural map to display certain labels on condition.
However, these labels always appear in the browser which is unwanted.

In the Designer for ApplinX emulator these labels are visible when selecting the Show Attributes

Is it possible to exclude these labels totally when the respective control variables are set to hide (AD=N) ?

Thank you for you help !

Hi Leonard,

Can you specify which labels are always visible in the browser and are not wanted?
In the screenshot you attached we see a window in the designer - I want to see both the browser and the designer showing the same labels.


Hi Gadi,

Thank you for the response

The labels that are managed by the control variables are shown in the screenshot.
Control variables define when these labels should be visible or not, see the screenshots of the Natural application with and without the labels such as METHOD.

In ApplinX emulator the effect of the control variables is triggered via Show/Hide Attributes option.

However, in the browser these labels are always selected, even when hidden in Natural.
The copy emulator function also shows these labels.

Attaching all screenshots below

not wanted labels


All other labels must be always visible.

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