Application Designer

The website demonstration of Application Designer (formerly Composite Application Integrator) shows code snippets of a Natural subprogram. Am I correct in understanding that the only interface between AD and Natural is via a web service? That is, AD is in control, calling Natural-generated services (subprograms).

As a Natural developer, I would prefer to see Natural in control. That is, using the XML Toolkit, I would like to replace INPUT statements with REQUEST DOCUMENT and PARSE to process AD-generated XML pages.

It seems to me that AD is for generating new applications, not for modernizing user interfaces of existing applications. Correct?

(It seemed appropriate to post here, rather than on the CAI Developer’s Forum.)

Hi Ralph,
you are quite right.
in a first step, Natural and the Application Designer will communicate
through webservices and this is primarily for new applications and for applications that have already been made “service ready” (means componentized in subprograms).
in a second step, we intend to connect the Application Designer “Natural like” with a kind of input statement to allow to develop “traditional”, but with web user I/O.
regards Karlheinz

In my company, they have two kinds of developers. Natural is one and Java is another one. Natural team maintains the legacy applications and Java all new applications.

As far as I know, Application Designer will provide me the presentation level and it will allow me to access the services.

My manager said, if it is true, the next step will be change the legacy applications, because Application Designer could be used instead of Natural Web. He also said NEE and Refactoring could help to change legacy applications. We would use it to separate business, access and presentation level. The company is defining the technology that will be used from now on. I am concern about it.


All the modernizacion that do not use APPLINX are invasive and need effort for changes in the code, the programs must adjust as routines of service (subprogram), without any type of I/O (input, reinput, stop sign, finish, display, write), must use handler of messages and error.

You must rely on a graphical designer that it should elaborate the tier of presentation (html) and later to start integrating