Hiding Label fields on Natural Map

Dear friends, I have been requested to remove some fields from a map. However, I have decided that the easiest thing to do is just hide the fields - one reason being that clients many times change their minds.

For variable fields, this can be done by setting AD=ON. But for the text fields on the Map I would need to use an appropriate attribute character in front of each string (I know I can just erase the labels but would prefer not to).

Is there such an attribute character defined by default ? If not, is there a way to define such an attribute character ?

I can do this using the 3270 map editor. In the map settings, I can define a delimiter as Class = T, Attribute = N.

Using SPoD, I can right click on the text, choose “Color…” and select Nondisplay.

Thanks, Jerome. What’s SPoD ?

SPoD means “Single Point of Development”.

It’s a client running on windows where you can remotely develop on a mainframe or unix machine.
Advantages: It works only via TCP. You got a user-friendly editor
Disadvantages: It’s not very stable (in connection to unix).

Thanks, Matthias. Our site doesn’t have it. But I did define an attribute character for non-display text per Jerome and it worked as advertised.

Without this forum (and the debugger) my a** would be in a sling pointed toward the door, the FAR door! :slight_smile: