Natural map editor (mod view vs mod user)

Hey there (again) :slight_smile:

Today I’m changing a map from a given process and I never noticed the mod column would make any difference at all.


AD= ODL_______ ZP= OFF SG= OFF HE= _____________________ Rls 1
NL= _____ CD= GR CV= ________________________________ Mod View
PM= __ DF= DY=
EM= ZZ9_______________________ SB= ________________________________

001 --010—±—±—±–030—±—±—±–050—±—±—±–070—±—

the point is that the fields marked with V or ‘MOD VIEW’ cannot be fully changed and I get it. I understand the map creates a link with the view and locks the field, but the only method I found to change them was to delete and re-create.

What I want to do is use the same setup of the field, but unlinked from the view (a local variable). For now, despite the fact that it is boring, It is not a huge problem to delete and recreate, but this first map has only about 10 fields.
There is one with 40 fields or more and it would be a huge waste of time if that map needs maintenance for example.

Is there any other possibility?

as always, thanks in advance and my best regards,

Hi Marcelo,
You could:

  1. SYSOBJH Unload the Map source code (in “Transfer format”)
  2. Edit the unloaded Map source & change the Mod V to Mod U
  3. SYSOBJH Load (and Replace) the Map source code, back into your original environment.
  4. Your changes should NOT increase the line lengths
  5. SAVE/STOW may unlink any Predict Automatic Rules which were previously linked to your field. So be careful that you don’t lose any validations built into processing rules.