I have a natural map screen in which first field is a modifiable field.
But I do not want the cursor directly place in the first position , cursor should point to next modifiable field.

Kindly somebody help me with this

Do you have access to Natural Documentation? If so, just take a look at the MARK FIELD option for the INPUT statement.

If not, you can get to help (assuming your environment permits it) by simply going through the help menu and accessing INPUT.

In case neither is available, here is relevant part of the INPUT syntax:

MARK Option

With the MARK option, you can cause the cursor to be placed at any non-protected field on screen. In addition, you can specify the position of the cursor within that field. By default, that is, when the MARK option is omitted, the cursor is placed at the beginning of the first non-protected field.
MARK [POSITION operand4 [IN]] [FIELD] operand1 *fieldname

You would want INPUT … MARK FIELD 2
MARK FIELD *field2name


Thank you Steve Robinson. Yes I have tried it and its working perfectly.