DDMs in Maps and XREF

We have maps that use fields from DDMs and they are not listed when we do an XREF. They were missed when we used XREF to find what objects use a view. How can they appear in XREF?

Hi Modesto;

STOW the map.

Do a LIST mapname. See if the fields are present in the parameter data area. Are they in a local data area?

Is the view in the program? Is it in the Map?



Are you saying that there is no XREF data for any of the fields on your map, or just some fields are missing?

If the latter, you may be using variables for your map fields instead of the database field, and the map has no idea that the data actually comes from a database field.

Example: to avoid Natural errors being presented to the user, you use an A10 variable #DISPLAY-DATE instead of MYVIEW.DATE-EFFECTIVE in your map, and you have logic before and after the INPUT USING MAP statement to MOVE EDITED and perform date validation. XREF, however, has no idea that data from MYVIEW.DATE-EFFECTIVE is included in your map so you will never see that information there. You will see it in XREF data for the program/subprogram/etc that uses it.


This may be a genuine issue, I have cataloged a map with a database field included directly from a View (with XREF ON) and L XREF returns nothing for the map.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but XREF doesn’t seem to work with maps. All the fields on a map, outside of processing rules, are defined as parameters so even though the field is named FILE-VIEW.FIELD-1 there is no connection in the map definition to the DDM for XREF to pickup.

The fields on the map were added using V view-name and the fields were selected from the list.

Below is part of the map listing:

  • MAP2: VALIDATION ********************************
  • MAP2: END OF MAP ********************************

Below is the field definitions summary:
10:42:19 Field and Variable Definitions - Summary 2015-06-24

Cmd Field Name (Truncated) Mod Format Ar Ru Lin Col
___ FMS-CUSTOMER.CUST-NO________________________ V N8 1 1 14

Jerome is right that there is no connection to the view in DEFINE DATA which might be used by XREF. The field definition shows that the map knows the field came from a view.

  1. Empower has a couple of old KnowledgeBase articles (500952 and 535436) which say “working as designed”.
  2. But I agree with Modesto.
    The Natural MAP knows if its parameter-fields were pulled directly from a DDM.
    So XREF “could” identify these and “could” report them.
    But it seems that a PRD design decision was made to exclude these.
  3. Modesto, you could raise a Change/Enhancement in Brainstorm - good luck :slight_smile:
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Thanks Peter. I searched in Empower but I searched in Natural when it’s actually Predict.

The articles also confirm what Jerome said.