Map Reporting to Structure Converion

Does Natural Engineer convert objects of the type of Map from reporting to structure? When I look at the object types list within Natural Engineer I do not see Map as a selection.

I’ll let the NEE experts answer your question, but I wouldn’t expect there to be much demand for such a feature, based on my experience of seeing few shops embrace processing rules. Without processing rules, a map is a simple INPUT or WRITE statement, neither of which is affected by programming mode, and all the variables are delimited with DEFINE and END-DEFINE, also mode-neutral. “Converting” such maps would provide no benefit. (And changing the mode of these maps is simple with Natural commands.)

What simple with Natural commands would be used to change the mode of the maps?

On the mainframe

  • edit a map
  • PF3 to the “Edit Map” menu
  • tab to the Command line
  • enter GLOBALS SM=T
  • use Code S to save the map
  • use Code T to check the map’s source (Reporting Mode processing rules will be flagged)

It’s a similar procedure under LUW.