Migrating Natural Maps to LUW


We are planning to re-host Natural/ADABAS application on Linux/Unix/Windows Platform. Can you let us know how to migrate the Natural Maps to the new platform . Are there any tools/utilities available for migrating maps , developing help screen logic on maps etc.

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I don’t have much experiance in Migration but I Know about Anubex-which can be used for your requirement.Please refer the below:

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Standard Natural maps need no migration from MF til Natural on LUW.

  • no tools needed - just recompile :wink:

One thing to consider when switching platforms is the possibility to also switch from Maps to Dialogs.

First, you suddenly have available hundreds, if not thousands of controls (e.g. calendars) that have been created over the years.

Second, by using Dialogs, the “unit of input” changes from a full screen to a single key stroke. This can result in user interfaces that are far more friendly than possible when on the mainframe.

Of course, if this is simply a matter of saving money by changing platforms, the company/client may not be interested in enhancing the interface.

Source code, including maps, is copied between platforms (Mainframe <–> LUW) via Object Handler using the Transfer Format option.

If your target is Natural for Windows, you will have problems with
. PF key sensitivity
. fields ‘hidden’ under the PF keys

If your target is Natural for Unix, you will have problems with
. selection boxes

Also, Dialogs are not supported there.

Thanks a lot all for your help.