Migrating Natural & ADABAS from AIX to Linux


One of our customer asking what changes we need to Natural programs to migrate from AIX to Linux. Could you please guide me on

  1. Probable changes to Natural Programs
  2. ADABAS data changes
  3. Any specific areas of testing


If your Linux distribution is big endian, like AIX, you won’t have to change a thing.

If you’re going to a little-endian Linux:

  • Check your Natural objects for redefinitions of I-format fields, remembering that control variables (format C) are I2.
  • Be at Adabas 6.3 or greater when you take your final (AIX) backup via ADABCK DUMP or ADAORD EXPORT.
  • Be at Adabas 6.3 or greater on Linux for a successful ADABCK RESTORE or ADAORD IMPORT of the backup file.