Rehosting from mainframe to Linux

I have read a lot in different discussion forums about migrating Natural/Adabas applications from mainframe to Linux. But I would like to get all information at 1 place. I understand a few things about the EBCDIC to ASCII change & the sequence of records will change. But not more.

Can you please give more details on following topics?

  1. What resources are required for this rehosting?
  2. What are the overall Natural code changes required?
  3. Changes needed with Adabas database or files in particular?
  4. How about Natural Security?

Thanks in advance!

There is too much involved to briefly summarise in a post on a forum.
Contact Software AG directly.

Yes, indeed there is too much related to it. But can you highlight the code changes needed?

Do you have an email address where I can contact Software AG for this issue specifically?

The code changes are mainly in the area of worfiles and, as you say, around the sorting order due to the ASCII / EBCDIC differences.

Open a support incident in empower to contact Software AG.

plus use the search-button in this forum. We got many threads about this issue.
e.g. search for

mainframe migration

On the official Software AG web site, at the bottom, go to Discover / Contact us and choose the location you want
to contact Software AG.

A customer has many PLOGs in the Mainframe and these PLOGS are saved as historical for future auditing queries. Including many PLOGS from older versions of ADABAS.

  1. What would be the correct procedure for migrating these MF PLOGS to LINUX (ADA 6.5)?

  2. The linux platform ADAPLP and ADACDC utilities, could read?

I don’t see how this would be possible. The mainframe is big-endian & EBCDIC while Linux is little-endian & ASCII, and I see no parameters in ADAPLP to specify that the input file is IBM architecture.

ADACDC is not available in Adabas for Linux.

I posted something similar here on SAG-L. I am interested in talking to SAG customers who actually have done such a migration. I am aware that a good number of SAG customers have successfully ported their mainframe ADABAS/Natural systems from mainframes to Unix or Linux. Success is not just defined as “mission accomplished” but also satisfies the criteria that the target environment be more cost-effective with transactional processing and TCO, be stable and secure and performant, and fit in with a forward-looking strategy.

If you are someone that has done such a thing, please contact me off-list, as I would like to discuss as I want to know if this is something we can feasibly consider doing ourselves.

Once we have some idea that people have actually done this and how well it turned out, we would be in a position to approach SAG knowing it is a feasible path.

Thanks in advance!