Natural and MySQL

Natural can access MySQL database?
With DDM? or ODBC?

The only database supported natively is Adabas. You’ll need Entire Access for ODBC support.

I found
thank you

I install MySQL 5.5.25 and Natural.

I create an odbc to connect to mysql with name MYSQLNAT.

I insert in Entire Access the new ID 80 to SQL to connect ODBC:MYSQLNAT

In Natural a create new DDM and select 80/SQL and need name/password but always return error name/password

but this name/password is ok in mysql workbench.

Any idea?

Where did you get Entire Access from ?

sounds like you talk about defining a database in the Natural Parameter module, but not Entire Access

I have to buy the Entire Access

and he not only set the parameters …


Exactly, Entire Access is an add-on which is not part of the community edition.

it is only paid?