natural - adabas D - windows

how can i do to configure natural PC et adabas D correctly : Both softwares are installed but when i do a new ddm under natural , i obtain NAT6386 LOGON to SQL dtabase failed.

somebody could help me ???

thanks Robert

Entire Access for TCP/IP (OSX) is installed? If it is and the correct connect string is defined in the natural.cfg for the dbms assignment then you need to pass a valid userid and password that are defined in the serverdb (eg adabas/adabas if you’re using the demo serverdb MYDB) via a SQLCONNECT statement in NATURAL or hardwire one in the SQL Authorisation section of your natural.cfg

unfortunately Entire Access for TCP/IP (OSX) is not installed (at least it be included into natural!). it is possible downloaded it somewhere ?

thanks Robert

you’ll need to talk to your local SAG representative. I believe it costs $$, not a giveaway, but I could be wrong, maybe they can arrange a “trial” license for you -though it doesn’t ask for a license key on install. It needs a server component (the “listener” process) installed and a “client” component (about 6 files copied into your natural\bin directory). Yes it would be friendlier if it came bundled with Natural and was available as a free download for OSX version upgrades, in the same sense that SAG would’ve retained a lot of customers in the 90’s if they gave away ADA SQL when everyone was gripped by the “right sizing” frenzy.