ODBC communication with Community version of Natural

Hi, I recently downloaded the Community Edition of Natural from the SAG web site. The installation went well and seems to be working fine with the equivalent version of Adabas. I then discovered in the manual that it would be possible to access databases, eg. Oracle, via ODBC. At first I thought I had to install Entire Access but, and maybe this was a misunderstanding of the documentation by me, it looked like it was possible. I defined the database to ODBC and performed a test connection and that went well. I then updated the “Natural Configuration Utility” with an entry in the DBMS assignments that looked like the following:

DBID=20, Type=SQL, Parameter=ODBC:name (name being the name I had entered in the ODBC defn. above).

I then restarted Natural. When attempting to create a DDM pointing at this database I was prompted for the Owner and Table names which I entered * into both. When I selected OK, I received a NAT6386 error “Logon to SQL database failed”.

The Oracle database is a remote database, which is why I initally expected to have to install Entire Access but the documentation seemed to imply that ODBC connectivity was acceptable without Access. I ran an ODBC trace and discovered that Natural had not communicated with the ODBC driver at all.

Has anyone tried this before? Is this a misinterpretation of the manual on my part? Do I have to install Entire Access?



Natural Windows always require Entire Access to access SQL DBMS.