Natural community edition and Entire Access

I have installed Natural community edition and want to access Oracle databae.
I dont have Entire Access and I dont see any website for it or download link etc.
For learning Natrual with Oracle is there some documentation?

Any suggestions please?


This is documented in detail in Accessing data in an SQL Database but that won’t help a lot without Entire Access.

Perhaps I can understand not allowing the community edition to access Oracle or other RDBMSs, but if you pay for the Natural development platform on open systems, you should be able to utilize the RDBMS client software without paying even more for an additional add-on to access it, IMHO.

Well, you can see it the other way round as well - when most of the Natural users
just want to talk to Adabas, why should they pay for RDBMS access, so it’s actually
less expensive for those who don’t need RDBMS :wink:

I don’t fall for that. If I own a license for an Oracle database, I can access it from anything: Java, Excel, Crystal Reports, etc., through the software provided by Oracle. I don’t think to myself, “I paid way too much for these products. I wish they would disable access to Oracle because they would charge me less if it couldn’t do that”.

What kind of world would it be if SAG couldn’t sell a single copy of Adabas SQL Gateway because it didn’t matter anyway if Adabas could process SQL commands because Oracle, Microsoft, etc., decided to charge extra to access Adabas because most of their customers don’t even own Adabas so they will make their products cheaper (not really) by disallowing it.

That would kinda hurt SAG a tidge.

It’s not that Natural couldn’t access Oracle today. And let’s not fool ourselves that Natural would be any more expensive if they didn’t keep that door closed because pricing doesn’t work that way. It would cost us the same, cost SAG the same (because the capabilities are developed already), and maybe reduce SAG’s revenue by however many customers had to buy Entire Access.

Exactly how many customers buy Entire Access? Compare that now… how many times has Natural been passed over because you can’t access anything but Adabas from it without paying more? Natural’s already the Mercedes of programming language.

Tires are extra.

BTW, I don’t have a problem with the free version being quite limited, bringing it back to the original question. But if you pay for the enterprise edition, it should be able to work with my enterprise.