Accessing MySQL from Natural

Is there a way to access MySQL from Natural ( both on Linux Environment ) ?

You need Entire Access to do so.

Reading Entire Access documentation, on supported Database Server topic, I only found this : ODBC-compliant servers (local access). I don’t understand what this mean!?:shock: maybe… Must I write a driver by myself ?
Thanks !

If this is all on a PC, couldn’t you use USR1052 to start up MySQL (not within my area of expertise, only a guess).

Getting data back and forth might be a mess (see disclaimer, last sentence) but it would seem to be feasible.


Steve, are you serious or are you jocking???

The database can run on the same machine as Natural (local access) or on some machine on the network (remote access). You won’t need to write any drivers - that’s what Entire Access is intended to do.

Local access should be a bit easier to set up, with a single machine acting as database server and Natural client.

Like I said, I am not at all familiar with MySQL.

However, from within Natural I can write a workfile, then transfer control to MS WORD, play with the file, then return to Natural and access the altered workfile. This seems to be similar to what you want to do.


Steve runs Natural and Adabas under Windows.

Axt runs Natural and mySQL under Linux.

In either case, the normal proedure is to bring up the database (Adabas or mySQL), then invoke Natural.

Ok. I understand what you said Steve. And thanks to Ralph too! I’ll try to runs MySQL and then make a query from natural!
So, by step I need to :

  1. Install MySQL
  2. Install Natural
  3. Install Entire Access
  4. generate Entire Access Driver
  5. Generate a sample table “employees” on My SQL
  6. Generate the “employees” Natural DDM
  7. Write a Natural program to extract data from My SQL
  8. If i want to start/stop MySQL from natural I can use USR1052 user exit!
    I’ll post any news about this topic!