Accessing Data from Direct Command

Hi, I just started learning Natural and Adabas.

I would like to know whether it is possible to see the data in a table (view) using the direct commands from the console (not to write the program).

Or maybe there is another way to get the data from the table (for example by means of Adabas utilities)?

Thanks in advance!

You can extract data with Adabas utilities, but what you gain by that ?

There is no Natural direct command to browse a database, but writing a quick access program doesn’t take more than a minute anyway.

Besides that, Natural for Windows has a “Data Browser” available via Tools → Development Tools

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Thanks for your response, Wolfgang.

I don’t have the access to the database from Natural for Windows.

I enter to a remote Linux server and run the Natural, which is installed there.

Will have to write a programs to access the data.