Windows Command-line Data Extract tool for Adabas?


Can anyone tell me if there’s a data extraction tool for Adabas like the bcp utility for SQL Server? I’m going to be extracting data from an Adabas install on Linux and dropping it into a MySQL database on Windows 2003 Server and I need a command-line tool I can run from a batch file or VB script and drop the data into a csv file. I already have this type of thing running on my SQL Servers, now now need the same thing on Adabas.

Many thanks

I don’t know SQL Server.
But maybe the commands adauld and adadcu will help you.

Please see the documentation for both utilities for more details.

Thanks, I’ll have a look. I don’t know Adabas, so it’ll be an education.

Don’t think they are what I’m looking for, unless I’m misreading them. I’m new to Adabas, and it’s not as straight forward as the DBs I’m used to.

I need to extract data from 9 fields from 2 tables (for now) into a .csv file on a 3-hourly schedule using a windows batch file or vb script, as I don’t have access to the server or the database, only to a set of reporting tables or views. I do have the ODBC driver installed on the server that will be doing the extraction, can I run commands through that - something like the one below which is based on one I use for inserting the csv into MySQL:

Dim dbCON
Set dbCON = CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”)
dbCON.Execute “Load data local infile ‘c:\scripts\export.csv’ IGNORE into table rpt_main;”

If I could run a SELECT statement in dbCON.Execute it might work, or for example the bcp command looks like:

bcp Database…viewDataExport out C:\Reporting\rpt_main.csv -c -k -t , -r # -S localhost -U USERNAME -PPASSWORD

And pulls the data I need into a csv which I then import into MySQL. Is there anything I can use like that for Adabas? I don’t have a lot of time to study the ins and outs of the database as there are only 2 instances of it in the company, and I have to pull data from a number of other systems as well.

There are add-ons to Adabas that allow you to extract data via either SOAP or ODBC/OLEDB,
but you can’t easily achieve what you are looking for with Adabas utilities.

If you have NATURAL as well, it’s a two-minute task to write an extract program that’ll give you a CSV file, btw.

What add-ons would I need for ODBC extract and how would I go about creating a csv from it? BTW - according to the paperwork I have we’re using Adabas D 12.0 with ODBC interface 3.0. Access to the database will be from a Windows server platform.

Sorry! Please forget about the utilities I told you. This is a forum for adabas C. Adabas D is another world…

Maybe the following link is a better place for your question:

Ahh - thanks. Will try there. Sorry - never used it before.

… it’s a well-used forum then. Last post was August 2006!!

Grand Day,
The current GA version of Adabas D is 1401-02 so an update might well be the first step.

Unfortunately I don’t have any access to the server at all. Our suppliers don’t trust us with that information, all I have is access to a set of very well documented views for reporting purposes.

All I need is to get the data out of the database and into a text file.

Hey did you resolve your problem ? there is in Adabas D for windows something like Load, i think it aceppt comand parameters. Try with this, maybe are some like this in Adabas D for linux.

Hey did you resolve your problem ? there is in Adabas D for windows something like Load, its is a separatly utility i think it aceppt comand parameters, search it in the bin directory. Try with this, maybe are some like this in Adabas D for linux.