Need Help - Adabas Files


Here I have requirement from my client. I have one adabas file having 120 fields. I would like to transfer all the data to a Cobol flat file. Is there any utility available in ADABAS to transfer all the data to a Cobol file? I tried to write a natural program which can solve the above criteria but it is taking a long time to do the same.

If any utility available please give me the JCL specifications also…



You can call ADABAS from a COBOL program, so extracting to a flat file is not a requirement unless there is more to this than you stated.

The best way to extract all the data from the database to a flat file would be to use ADAULD and ADACMP DECOMPRESS. These come with Adabas.

Please reference the Adabas utility manual for JCL examples if required.

Some third party products, such as ADASTRIP, can be useful as well.