Open old ADABAS database

I have a customer who uses a program that has an Adabas database.
I want to open it (and export the data).

How can I do this? (system is about 10 years old)


What platform (mainframe, Open systems…)?
What version of Adabas?
Any reason to not have the customer create a workfile for you?
What format do you require the data in?

You may have alternatives, depending upon what software is available to you:

. ADABAS Decompress utility (part of Adabas)
. Adabas SQL Gateway (for SQL access)
. Natural programs
. ODBC/JDBC (requires Entire Access)

tRelational/DPS would be a good tool to migrate to any RDBMS target even if this old database is still actively being used. It will save a lot of manual effort if there are lots of huge files, where a small database with few files might be better served with one or more of the options mentioned by Ralph.