Adabas, Natural, migrate data from the Adabas db to relational db

I have an old computer and Adabas on Mainframe. I need to migrate all data from the Adabas database to relational.
Does anybody have an idea?

Assuming you need an offline process you will need to UNLOAD DECOMPRESS the files from the mainframe database, transfer it to the target system, find a reasonable mapping for the individual fields, most likely normalize the MUs and PEs and “somehow” load it into your relational database with their native toolset.

Look for a product called AdaMagic


Software AG has a product called ADABAS EVENT replicator and TREEHOUSE also has a product that will do this, however I suspect you do not want to purchase a product and want to do this manually. In that case you can use ADABAS utilities as Wolfgand mentioned or just write NATURAL programs to write to a work file. For MU’s and PE’s to normalize (as per Wolfgang) you will need to include two additional fields on the MU or PE records: the ISN and occurrence number. This is how you will link the Child Table to the Parent.

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