NAT9939 Recv socket failed


I get the message “NAT9939 Recv socket failed” when I run my application under
Natural one for Ajax.

Can someone help me?

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when posting a question, it is always appreciated if you give details about your environment: what hardware/OS are you on, what version of Natural/NaturalOne/Natural for Ajax. For Natural for Ajax, the browser and version is often relevant too.

Anytime you have a socket issue, please check that the relevant port is started and accessible. That is, if it is on a different machine that you are accessing it from (pc > mf? pc > ux??) can the port be accessed through whatever firewalls might be in place? For Windows hosts, check the Windows Firewall; for Linux hosts, check iptables; etc. If you are starting a process that opens a port to listen on and you get a socket error, check that something else isn’t already running that uses that port. (Use Google to lookup how to do that from whatever your server is.)

HI Douglas,

Thanks for the remarks.

I found the problem.

An adapter was missing. The program that called certain page xml
did not show any errors and compiled without error.

This 9939 error message also does not say much.

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