Ndv server error

When i try to build the project an error is happening:
“Timeout occurred while waiting for Ndv server reply”
In the Windows Task Manager i can see 2 processes:
“natdvsrv.exe” and “natrt.exe”.
Should i have to activate something before it?
Thank’s in advance
hello.bmp (2.25 MB)


I have the same problem. I have noticed that Apache.catalina has failed to initialize (binding port 8005) See my post “Port Conflict”. Hopfully someone can help me to resolve the conflict.


Hi Uri,

To get more information about the route course of this error please activate the Natural “Console output” --> Eclipse / Windows / preferences / Software AG / Natural

In the Eclipse Console view you will get more informations about “building project” especially about the start of the used local server.
It’s not likely but it could be that the timeframe to start the local server is to short. The time value for the timeout can be adjusted in --> Eclipse / Windows / preferences / Software AG / Natural / Server / Natural server timeout. Default is 10 seconds.