Build project error

I try to run the “Hello World” sample.
I clicked on the app icon and it was loaded into the workspace.
When i try to build the project an error is happening:
Timeout occurred while waiting for Ndv server reply
I checked the install log file and there were no errors.
What is the problem ? :?

Hello Uri,
This error may not be related to the installation.
During “Build Project” the Natural sources stored in the Eclipse workspace are synchronized with the local FUSER. To achieve this task the objects are transferred using a built-in development server.
Can you see the process “natdvsrv.exe” in the Windows Task Manager?

Yes. Also “natrt.exe” appears in the task manager.
in the previous post we can see that the “natrt.exe” announced that it can not
find the “sagovo5.exe”.

I checked the project’s properties.
It uses the Local Natural Runtime.
Why it looks for a Natural development server? (NDV)
What to do? Is there any suggestion?

sagovo.dll belongs to Adabas. Did you installed adabas on the computer previously? Has Adabas not been fully de-installed before?

Boa tarde.

Instalei o NaturalONE e criei um programa simples.
Para dar display num campo, campo este que criei na LOCAL AREA.
Mas não consigo RUN nesse objeto.
A mensagem que aparece é NAT0082 ou Objeto não se encontra na Library.

Alguem me ajuda.

Help me.

Ibson Cabral -