Unable to see Natural server view toolbar in Trial version


I downloaded NaturalONE Community Edition but i’m not able to execute a natural program.

I either get Timeout error or Connection broken. There is no Natural server view toolbar present. when i build the project , the natural program is not getting compiled.

Please advice.



This question has already been asked before. See here :


Thanks Ronald. It’s mentioned that Natural server view toolbar will not be available for Trial version.

This being the case how can i compile natural programs ?

Please advice.

Create a new project. Then use the source editor to create one or more Natural objects and click Build to compile them. All this is done on your machine in a local environment.

With the Trial version you can’t (easily) deploy to a mainframe/Unix/Linux/Windows server; if you could, you wouldn’t buy the full version. Neither is it simple to copy existing modules from a server to the Trial environment. The intent is to allow you to build modules from scratch during your evaluation.

I created a new project,library and natural program. I built the project but when i try to execute the natural program,i get timeout error as shown in the attachment. Even when i use port 8080, i still get the same error.

Fyi, i am using Natural for windows.
Timeout error.docx (26.4 KB)