"Natural Server" view tool bar

I am trying NaturalONE community edition and when
I get to the point of mapping the server environment
the Tutorial says <>
My problem is that I can’t find the " Natural Server" view on the Toll bar

Can you help me

Thank you.


Is the NaturalONE perspective active ?

Window -> Open Perspective -> (Other ->) NaturalONE

If yes, is the server view active ?

Window -> Show View -> Other -> Software AG NaturalONE -> Server View

I followed your directives and got the message

The Natural server view is not available in the NaturalONE Community Edition .

I do not understand. How will I be able to sell this product to my users and developpers if I can’t show them the real thing .

Sorry, my fault, yes, this is a limitation of the Comminity Edition, you will only be able to work
with the local Natural environment, there’s no connectivity to a remote NDV server.

If this isn’t enough for your assessment and demonstration needs please contact your account representative
and (s)he will be more than happy to get you a trial license which will give you full featured access to the “real thing”.