Details View

The Details View in the NaturalOne perspective is not working. Clicked on the Natural Navigator project and nothing displays. Tried remapping the server, reset the perspective, refresh, disable/enable the Details View…nothing seems to work.


I haven’t been using the Details view, but when I added it under my Navigator view it came up empty. Clicking the Refresh icon had no effect.

After looking through menu options, trying various things like you did, I finally got a message and a greyed-out headings bar to appear in the Details view. The message said to <Select a project, library, or folder in the Navigator or Natural Navigator view>. When I did that, all the details were populated in the view.

Wasn’t sure what I had done to get it working, but starting from scratch again, I realized I had switched to the Resource perspective and then back to the NaturalONE perspective. I have a tab for each on the right side of my NaturalONE toolbar. I just clicked Resource and then NaturalONE, and Details magically started working. Not sure why, maybe a bug.

Hope this works for you.

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Thanks George.

I started from scratch and everything looks fine now. Thanks for your response.