Natural return NAT3224 under Windows

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if someone of you can help me in regards of the following problem. We have a customer who suddenly is receiving a NAT3224. The Production environment is: ADA331, NAT611, WCP2610. I already read the reports stored into the ServLine24 but there aren’t very clear. I am afraid the problem is generated by a program that I can not identify. The problem is not persistent.
I really apprecite every thing you can do for help me.


A response 224 indicates a timeout by the “relay node” - an Adabas command went to Entire Net-Work and did not come back within the timeout period. Check your Net-Work console logs for indications of problems.

One cause of this type of problem is long running commands in Adabas - calls taking more than the timeout period to execute. You might increase the timeout parameter (Natural parameter LDB), but doing application tuning is likely to be the most beneficial. Try turning on the Adabas command logs and search for commands with high durations. Identifying the Natural program(s) reporting the error would help narrow down the problem.

Douglas Thanks a lot I really appreciate your recomendation. Bye