NAT1717 - ActiveX control not working

We have been using ActiveX controls in our Natural Dialogs for many years now but in the last few months they are failing with the above error.

Enquiries with Microsoft indicate that license keys are needed for all Activex controls - they provided me with a utility to generate a file which contains the license information for all the controls specified in the utility screens. These must be generated for all controls on all machines they will be used on.

Once I have the license file I don’t know what to do with it. My question is how do I incorporate the license file into the Natural Dialog control attributes or properties?

There’s nothing I’m aware of in the context of Natural.

Does this general description re. ActiveX licensing aspects help in any way ?

That link gives the access to the executable which generates the license file. Microsoft gives examples of how to use the file in .Net and C++ programs but I have not been able to work out how to include it in a Natural program. I have opened a Service Request on this problem. I will post the solution (if any) in here.

It seems that Microsoft may have changed the rules a little - it may have occurred in one of the regular upgrades/patches.

The easiest solution (for us) was to install the Express version of Visual Basis 2010 and then re-Stow the program.