Natural Ajax license issue in Natural One community edition


I’m using Natural One community edition (ajax developer). Actually i can execute the program in the Designer, then i use the deployment wizard to create the war and copy it into Tomcat.

When i try to start the application in a browser it gives me the following error:

Error - License file not found - No licence file found in C:/NaturalONE83-CE/naturalone/apache-tomcat/webapps/Ajax-WS-Project/cis/licensekey

What should i do in orden to get it ?

Thanks in advance

NaturalONE (and also the Community Edition) is a development environment only, so you can execute and test your application only inside ONE. In order to execute the application in a runtime/production environment, you need a runtime license for Natural for AJAX and all other products used in the application. These licenses are not for free.
Kind regards, Thomas